Ideas For Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Islands At Big Lots

The kitchen islands (countertops that are located in the center) must be present in every kitchen to have much activity. We provide a surface for working and meeting space for more informal dining. Children love to sit on the kitchen islands and help parents as they work. An island can be whatever you want it to be, may be used only for dinner or cook.


The tables with benches or old chairs with slightly curved legs and good wood will make your guests feel that your kitchen has history. The different styles of antique wooden furniture you can send us both a rustic farmhouse like the England of the elegant Victorian era. Visit antique shops or flea markets to get a table, or you can purchase a kitchen islands with old style.


If you put a table in the 50s or 60s, with old form and chrome trim will create the atmosphere of a dinner that time. Do not forget to complement the old island with stools with vinyl seats. Place a lamp that era that hang from the ceiling over the island and just miss the jukebox in the kitchen islands.

Form L

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Instead of choosing a square or round table, opt for an L -shaped and one movement you will add to your kitchen. Imagine the tools located on the outside of the L and you, the host, on the inside, preparing and serving food and drinks. You can equip it with cabinets or shelves and you’ll have much additional place to store whatever you want to kitchen islands.

Cava Wine

If you are a wine lover, consider placing an island that serves to place the wines. The part of the cellar is located under the table, and you can even close it with glass to protect the bottles and display them simultaneously. You can even turn it into a “mini bar” adding a compartment for liquor, miniature refrigerator and a small sink in your kitchen islands.