Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Kitchen Lighting Ideas Above Sink

Kitchen lighting ideas – In the kitchen you need to pay special attention to the points of light. Need to have well lit work area. Combine lamps, wall lights, recessed lights…

Lights under cabinets

Plans spot lighting on any point on the top with lights mounted under the upper cabinets. It provides outlets and switches: for the wiring is not seen, is installed inside the cabinet, with PVC insulated cables and strain relief devices protected.

General lighting in the kitchen

Every kitchen needs an overhead lighting, with powerful elements that provide an overview of the space. The LEDs embedded or down light, low energy, and emit a diffused light with an opening angle of more than 120 ° that evenly illuminates the entire stay. If in addition the kitchen has an island, a breakfast bar and a dining area, installed on them chandeliers.

Wall lights for the water area

Asked to install a power light on the wall. In the case of water areas, must be at the required distance to avoid splashing and ensure safety regulations.

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Illuminate work areas

It is important to distribute the lighting along those key areas, including preparation and cooking, where you need to appreciate the size and color of food. Make sure that the beam is correctly oriented on the work area to prevent glare.