LED Ceiling Lights Pros And Cons

Led Ceiling Lights 5000k With Led Ceiling Lights Office

When you are on the market for interior light bulbs and fixtures, the chance is you will encounter LED ceiling lights that are simply an attractive lighting solution for you. Well, it is not surprising considering how advantageous the LED ceiling lights bulbs are for homeowners. Apart from that, they are also highly versatile as they can be used as LED ceiling lights for kitchen or for living room. Today, we will briefly review the advantages and disadvantages for LED light bulbs. Here they are!

For you who are also environmentally conscious, the LED ceiling lights are a great choice as they can use lower power with much higher efficiency. Compared to incandescent lights, LED lights can be 80% cheaper to run. And when they are used in a suitable environment, LED lights can last for a long time. Energy efficient and environmentally friendly aside, LED light bulbs are also much safer than, for example, halogen counterparts. It is due to the typically lower output of UV and infra-red, meaning lower risk of fire.

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Another reason why LED ceiling lights are much more environmentally friendly solution is the much lower emissions of CO2 generated. Apart from that, LED lights are generally designed without any toxic materials contained, such as the mercury vapor normally found in CFL. For aesthetic purpose, LED lights can even be setup to change color dynamically!

Unfortunately, those who are on a budget may be backed off immediately by the idea of installing LED ceiling lights as they are typically more costly initially. Besides, not all LED light bulbs are dimmable, so they are less likely in favor when you want to use them with dimmer switch. Apart from that, LEDs are known for their compatibility problems with existing low voltage transformers and existing dimmers when retrofitting.