Ideas For Living Room Table Sets And Kitchens

Living Room Furniture Ideas

Living room table sets – The living room and the kitchen are the heart of the home and its decor should reflect your personal style. To start, search on some magazines (like Casa Claudia and Home & Garden) and cut out the designs that you like. Observes how the environments you selected match colors, textures and lighting; your goal is to recreate the images that appear in the magazine.

  1. Traditional living room

A living room with decor is traditional cozy, comfortable and inviting, with four key elements: furniture to sit, to store and works of art. Use living room table sets to sit in order to create a cozy conversation group – sofas and chairs facing one coffee table, for example, all right next to each other. Put bookshelves against walls, to avoid splitting the room into sections – this also includes cabinets, entertainment centers, boards and bookshelves. Give a soft, warm glow to the room with a polish of various lamps or pendant lamp; add more light, if necessary, with floor lamps and table.

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The artworks of your living room should meet the colors of the environment, incorporating shades of the floor, walls and furniture; images of landscapes and vintage travel destinations can be ideal. In general living room table sets, choose soft colors and give touches of vibrant color to Occasional pieces, like a chair, sofa, rug or cushions. Add texture with small decorative accents, like a shag rug, a pillow made ​​with sari fabric or a chest with coat alligator skin.

  1. Traditional cuisine

The traditional kitchen decor follows several similar rules. Match the color of your cabinets to the colors of wood in your set of table and chairs. Keep the walls, cladding and tiles in neutral tones; if you seek more color, try creating a border of tiles or tablets with alternating colors (red and white, for example). The lighting can be limited to general facilities, and outstanding fixtures are perfect for focusing light into specific work surfaces in the kitchen. Add color in small doses: the sets of plates, containers, napkin holders and padded chairs.

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A popular alternative to the traditional living room table sets and chairs is a set of benches built, in which a (fixed wall on one or more sides) bank runs his desk. The padded seat is this a good place to introduce patterned fabrics in your kitchen decor – will function as works of art in the living room, uniting all colors of the environment.