Lovely Bay Window Curtain Rod

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Idea of home designing is to lead the comfortable for everyone who lives in, there are many option to start a innovation. Patching the wall is will sure exchange the whole look and painted it with match color is great idea and bay window curtain rod is the easier and simpler deal to reach the idea.

Single Or Double Bay Window Rod

The bay window curtain rod commonly designing and consist at two majorities pattern, single and double bay window rod curtain they are to force a decorative designing for every cut of window. The 5/8 inches diameter which is available for various antique color theme such as brown, gold, black, pewter and white antique. The rod dimensioned with 5/8 inches diameter with 1 packet rod and larger tab layer. It was single pattern of bay rod with additional size 21 inches to 36 inches and also the center 38 inches to 70. The item featured with twin rod side, 1 main rod, four brackets and 2 side connectors. Sell at $69 per set at and note that the item is adjustable for any angle size.

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The continental pattern, one of the finest bay window rod curtains, the white curtain rod offering the best idea of quality and with friendlier price. Featured with 48 inches rod and dimensioned at 2 inches diameter and fitting with 3 inches pocket rod. It featured with adjustable size option from 18 inches up to 40 inches and the main rod adjustable form 36 inches to 60 inches. The item including the following packet such as twin bracket and double side flexibility connector, it is available for single and double bay window rod curtain.

Start your idea to design the wall with bay window curtain rod, it is more elegant and will lead the amazing view. Bay window rod curtain adding the window functions as the door of air stimulation and provides the additional sun shine.