Luxury Minimalist House Design

Minimalist House Design

Luxury minimalist house design – Now We present the Sagaponac House , a stunning luxury home  which has  as hallmark, unique and exquisite design focused on modern and minimalist art located in Long Island, New York .

The house was designed by Calvin Tsao and Zack McKown , owners of a prestigious architectural firm in New York City. The house has an area of 418 square meters and is characterized by fine lines and simple geometric shapes.

The slopes were created intentionally to fit the structure of the house is mainly divided into two blocks: the first is the underside which is combined with the hill. While the upper part consists of a cube with two floors where you are supposed to be most of the rooms, halls and common spaces.

This project was from the beginning a great challenge for designers because before starting the construction of the house, possessed only a flat terrain which have been sculpted to achieve geometric shapes that have the visual structure of the house .

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The top floor has a regular design, is set to bring in a large living room with panoramic views from much of the walls are huge windows that reveal the light and landscape. At the bottom, the flat overlooks the large panoramic pool, this being the most discreet part of the whole house.

Around the house, there is a lush natural forest undoubtedly the lung becomes home environment.

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