Many Modern Fireplace Remodel Ideas

Fireplace remodel ideas are some ideas to remodel an old fireplace to get a new look. Maybe you have an old fireplace in your living room and you want to make it looks like new, so you have to remodel it. There are many ideas to make a fireplace looks different than before. The only thing that you have to do is prepare the design and use your imagination a little bit. After that you have to support the new fireplace with new furniture around. Do you have some ideas? If you do not have any idea, see below.

The first idea to remodel the fireplace becomes new is change all the concept. Now, look at your fireplace and the furniture around. If you still have a stone fireplace, it means you have to make it modern. Why? Change it all! Remodel is need more efforts because you have to remodel it just like the name. Change the stone with the new look like concrete, and then paint it with elegant color like white. Fireplace remodel ideas should make an old thing to be beautiful. The second idea that you have to do is decorate the mantel.

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Mantel is the important thing in modern fireplace, so you have to decorate many accessories above the mantel. Just make it simple, put some photos, flowers, and clock. Since it is modern, you should not make it difficult. Then, the next idea is use a fireplace screen with doors. It is going to make your fireplace looks modern than before. Do not use a common screen because it is used for classic fireplace. After that you should paint the new fireplace. The last is you have to decorate the furniture around the fireplace. That’s all! Fireplace remodel ideas are simple and you can start to remodel it guys!