Marvelous Steps To Build A Gravel Patio

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You can utilize your outdoor space by building gravel patio as well as you will not find a messy in your outdoor after installing it. You have to know that gravel is an affordable component to be made by combining your creativity and using some tools you can build a perfect gravel patio.

To build handmade gravel patio follows this steps gently. First, consider and make a decision about the frame of your landscape dimension for your path patio with marking the path uses paint or garden hose. Second, use square-tipped shovel to dig the ground on the path of your patio approximately about 4 inches.

Third, pack and level the soil by using hand tamper. Fourth, pour crushed stone from 2-3 inches into the trench by raking it until smooth. Fifth, pack the crushed stone uses hand tamper then misting with a water or hose to keep the dust down and aid the packing stone properly.

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Sixth, place landscape layer plastic on the crushed stone to avoid the weeds come out from the ground through your patio path. Seventh, you can add border on the side of the gravel, use your creativity to make an attractive boarder. Eighth, after you have finished your boarder, continue to backfill the outside of border with the soil. Ninth, hide the soil on the border with pouring the gravel to be balanced with your gravel on the patio.

Those are some steps to build gravel patio, if you like this post you can share it with your friends and hopefully it can be a valuable reference for you.