Natural Ventilation Ideas

Natural Ventilation Design

Natural ventilation ideas – In most old houses is no mechanical ventilation. For healthy clean air in the house residents than rely on the grates, door windows, cracks and crevices in the house. But such natural ventilation is sometimes insufficient. Make sure that you also the case – you can improve yourself.

Clean air in your home is essential to your health. This requires ventilation: fresh air and removal of contaminated air and moisture. In homes without mechanical ventilation (two-thirds of the Dutch houses) can only through natural ventilation air flows into the house through windows and door grilles. The polluted air flows through ducts in the house.

For natural ventilation ideas, if cracks and crevices are sealed to drafts and heat loss to counter less, ventilation will take place. If residents also cover windows and grilles keep close due to cold or drafts, creates an unhealthy environment. Fortunately, you can do something about it yourself.

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Tips ventilation in house

  • Grab the cause of unhealthy air: do not smoke inside, ventilate extra during cooking and showering and if there are many people in the house, for example by opening a window.
  • Let vents open, and always leave windows open valve when you are at home, this is necessary for the supply and removal of air.
  • Keep the pan clean.
  • Ensure that indoor air can flow through space under doors or possibly through vents in interior walls or doors.
  • Ensure good ventilation of the kitchen and the bathroom, with an extractor fan or simple.

Want a better ventilation system to build? Take a natural ventilation ideas expert in the arm.