Nautical Curtains For Getting Sailing Atmosphere

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Pattern has become something important for decoration purpose. Why not? The effect given by pattern can be really amazing to the extent that it can change atmosphere in a room. Moreover, plain curtain for example, sometimes can look so boring. That is why curtains are made with pattern for it can also look good when the light comes in. Let’s take nautical curtains as an example here.

Nautical Curtain Patterns

Nautical curtains, as the name suggests, are the curtains with the pattern related to ship, whether it is the parts of ship itself or the sailors riding on it. You can say it is a ship-related-patterned curtain. Well, you can guest yourself this way. Yes, mostly its pattern is anchor and it is often made countless in white cloth. Other than that, the most obvious one is the pattern of a ship.

Other pattern of nautical curtains is the one that uses lines or stripes. Thus, one curtain is made with the range of lines with red, blue, and white colors, either being made horizontal or vertical. Why is it so? Well, it is inspired by sailor suit that has those three colors. Such curtain with nautical pattern can be easily reminded you about the ocean, ship, and its sailor, thus changing the way you look at your room.

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