Nice Outdoor String Lights Led

Outdoor String Lights Led Decor

Outdoor string lights led – is one of nice ideas for your home i think. Whether your awning is part of your holiday decorations or you dressing up for a theme party, it may be the perfect place to add color and show your style. For parties, holidays or year round decor, choose three colors of outdoor string lights led. Red, white and blue is the obvious choice for July 4; red, white and green cover Christmas or Italian-themed parties. For Halloween, try purple, orange and green; for a festive party can use pink, gold and blue.

Line the outer edges of the sail with a outdoor string lights led of one color running light in a straight line. Special awning light clips are available at party stores and RV supply houses to make hanging lights easier. Take your second color and hang it in swagged loops from each side of the awning to create a frayed hanging edge.

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Do the same with your third color along the veranda at the front. For more light, spiral one or more colors down any support lower Poles your awning may have, or do a double-layer swag on your frayed edges, with one color hanging than the other or alternately high and low swags between colors.