Outdoor Landscape Led Lighting Ideas

12 Volt Led Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Outdoor landscape led lighting can be a great way to compliment any landscape decor. Outdoor home lighting becomes more and more popular each year. Here are some tips on how to install exterior landscape lighting.

Determine the type of lighting you want. You have regular outdoor landscape led lighting powered by a transformer that sends a 12-volt current through a wire to each light. And then you have solar landscape lights that download themselves via sun and require no wiring. The sun’s light is much dimmer and require direct sunlight during the day to recharge.

Select an area of your yard or garden where you plan to put your lights with wooden poles. Most people put the spotlights on large trees and areas of their house that they want to highlight. From your nearest outdoor electrical outlet, take a long strand and connect it to your every action ends back at the exit.

Place all of your outdoor landscape led lighting in the dirt where your efforts are. You can adjust the direction of the lights later on when you have power. Remove stakes after you have your lights in place. Connect the transformer to the socket and set the timer. Most timers are two red pins and two black sticks. The red pin START lights and the black pins turn the lights off.

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