Outdoor Laser Light Projector Style

Famous Outdoor Laser Light Projector

Outdoor laser light projector – Laser projectors can be useful to give light show at dance clubs and live music shows and outdoor laser light projector style. A professional quality laser projector is out of the budget reach for many people. As an alternative, consider a do-it-yourself outdoor laser light projector.

Build an outdoor laser light projector, Do a hand-held fan and remove the plastic knives from it. Attach a piece of refractive glass to the center spinning mechanism through binding glue. The sheet of glass should be about 3 inches wide by 3 inches high. Wait for it to dry. Now when you turn on the fan motor will spin glass. Attach the handheld fan to one of the racks by means of duct tape. Place it so that it stands straight up.

Build an outdoor laser light projector, Fix the laser pointer to another pole with duct tape and turn it on. Place the laser pointer so that it shines through refractive glass. Turn off the light and projecting the laser beam against a wall. Turn on the fan and the laser beam. Shine the laser beam on the glass. When the beam pierces the glass, it will project what pattern is on the glass to the wall behind.

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