Outdoor Led Rope Lights

Blue Outdoor Led Rope Lights

Outdoor Led Rope Lights – Rope lights, also called fiber optic cable lamps, small lamps, available in either incandescent or LED lights, spaced about an inch apart and surrounded by clear, flexible PVC tubing. They are water resistant, strong, durable and easy to install. Rope lights are designed to provide ambient lighting and accent areas and decorating themes spanning large areas.

Outdoor LED rope lights uses colored light bulbs and a clear PVC jacket; they are brighter than incandescent rope light because of the special glow they contain, but also twice as expensive. But they are more durable, last about 100,000 hours and produce very little heat. They also use 1 watt of power per foot, making them more energy efficient than incandescent rope light.

Outdoor LED rope lights are available in variations of white, red, green, blue, yellow, gold, amber, purple, pink and multicolored. Styles include those that change colors, flash and move. LED Rope light decorations are aluminum frames and are available in various forms, such as a Christmas tree, palm trees, flamingo or cactus. LED rope lights can be used to bring light to the foreground, using a unique place as the main focal point. They can be twisted and bent into interesting shapes, forms or sculptures; used as architectural accents on facades, stairs, banisters, windows, stages, exhibitions, displays, pools, spa, patio areas and landscapes.

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