Outdoor Lighted Snowman Decorative

Amazing Outdoor Lighted Snowman

Outdoor lighted snowman – Instead of decorating your home with store-bought ornaments, consider working well. Process not only let you express your creativity, but the finished product is offered with a unique decor of its kind. Bring another dimension to their craft and make them even more attractive to them by illuminating with strings of lights hung outdoors.

Warm the cold winter nights with a bright decorative outdoor lighted snowman. Wash and dry a plastic gallon jug of milk. Use a knife or scissors to cut a hole in the bottom of the jar. Paint the entire white pitcher. Once the white paint dries, paint two black circles on top of the jar in the eyes of the snowman and five small black circles at the bottom of the jar smile snowman. Carrot nose, paint an orange triangle in the center of the jar between the eyes and smile. Put a hat on top of the jar and place a series of white lights on the bottom of the jar. When plugged in, the lights give the snowman a warm light.

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Outdoor lighted snowman, you can use green construction paper or cardboard painted white with green paint. Once cut, holes around the perimeter of the shape of a punch. Enter the individual lights of a series of green lights in the holes in the clover. Cutting a length of rope green tape and through two holes in the top of the clover, creating a loop which hanging decoration.