Outdoor Rope Lights In The Driveway

Unique Outdoor Rope Lights

Outdoor rope lights – Rope lighting makes an easy, cost-effective solution for many outdoor lighting needs. Two types of rope lights can be used for outdoor use electric rope light and sun rope lighting. Electrical rope light requires the use of a power outlet, which makes it necessary to run extension cords or install a satellite outlet nearby. Solar rope lighting does not need an outlet. If you do not have a recessed area for installing rope lights, consider using a clear assembly trail secured with epoxy

Measure the area carefully where you want to install outdoor rope lights. Place rope lighting around the areas you want illuminated. If recessed areas are available (ie the groove between landscaping and pavement), simply press the rope lighting into the recessed areas, carefully work your way around the entire area.

Attach a fitting way to the pavement using epoxy in areas where there is no recessed space available.  Run rope lighting through the mounting track after the epoxy has dried completely of outdoor rope lights.

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