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Pergola definition – before starting any work, you need to know more about its definition and naming therefore you will be successful in that project. Some people choose having pergola nowadays as the good cover for their patio or their outdoor living space.

It will be the nice and interesting choice you can consider well that will give very good and beautiful interesting design. You can consider well for having fascinating pergola with good structure as well, but before you should know the definition of it.

Pergola definition will be explained here that will be very nice and hopefully will be very helpful when you are building a pergola. At least it will be the basic point and concept you should know and you keep in your mind carefully.

As i have obtained from, pergola definition is an archway in a garden or park consisting of a framework covered with trained climbing or trailing plants. Alright, from this first definition you can imagine how you make it like the definition itself with particular concept.

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The second pergola definition will be explained here based on the dictionary. Its mid 17th century term, from Italian, from latin pergula ‘projecting roof,’ from pergere ‘come or go forward. It means as an arbor formed of horizontal trelliswork supported on columns or posts, over which vines or other plants are trained or colonnade having the form of such an arbor. Those are the origin definition of pergola you should know when you really want to build it in your patio. But these days the definition of pergola becomes changing since people do the change for its implication.