Sanding A Wooden Floor With A Hand Orbital Sander

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Floor sander rental – Sanding is almost always a necessary step when it comes to renovating a hardwood floor. Typically, a drum sander has been used, but now many professionals prefer sanders, especially older flooring hardwood irregular. When working with an irregular floor, the drum Isadora often does more harm than good. An orbital sander moves with the slope, eventually leveling the ground and gives you a better work surface.

Initial sanding

When working on a hardwood floor, it must be sanded in stages. The first step is to separate the original wood finish. To do this, place your orbital floor sander rental with a pad of paper from 80 to 100. This range is considered medium grade and is utilized mainly to separate the wood and do the uniform, level surface. When sanding, never let the sander stay at any of the points: always things keep moving.


By now, your house is covered with wood dust probably will have to remove it before you can re-dye the floor. Collects most of the dust with a broom and throw it away. Use an antistatic or damp cloth to clean the remaining dust. Let the floor sander rental dry and give at least a wipe with a damp cloth to make sure you get all the dust.

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