Smart Motion Sensor Outdoor Wall Light

Led Motion Sensor Outdoor Wall Light

Motion sensor outdoor wall light – automatically turn on lights when motion is detected. In case of failure, you may have to replace lamp. Rewiring lights motion sensor outdoor wiring is similar to a normal light without motion detection. Many jurisdictions and municipalities require any set to be completed by an electrician lighting. See codes for specific licensing requirements before starting work.

How to replacing motion sensor outdoor wall light? Turn off switch on main panel. Proof of existing light by change in switch, turning on “test” of light and create movement. Test mode is likely in apparatus. Test mode allows testing of motion in daylight. When you are sure circuit is off, remove and discard existing lamp. Loosen plate from junction box with a screwdriver and unscrew wire nuts.

Connect black wire to greenhouse black sensor cable. Turn on new wire nuts. Connect motion sensor outdoor wall light cable to white house white neutral wire. Connect power plant green house green ground screw appliance with a screwdriver. screw can be labeled “GRND” or similar.  Connect new device to wall using supplied screws and a screwdriver. Be careful not to snag cables between box and luminaries housing of junction box wall. Turn switch again and test.

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