Solar Curtains: Stay Cool And Save Your Pocket

Solar Curtains For Sliding Door

Are you complaining about your electricity bill you have to pay? Wondering a way to make your air conditioner run slower so that it will going to cut the bill? Blame the windows. Your windows are the ones that let the heat easily get and make your air conditioner run more often. But you cannot scold your windows and ask them to leave the house (that’s weird). You can ‘dress’ them up with solar curtains. It will make you feel more comfortable and the best part is that you can even produce more power. Now, I am interesting.

Energy saving curtains, that’s what the call ‘em, are a good idea for your window treatment. Simply buy yourself in the store or you can do it yourself. The trick is like what solar window shades or screens do to your room. They use reflective material that prevent the sunlight from to enter your house. They also help to trap the heat staying inside the room during winter.

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You can also do it yourself. Solar curtains of your version may not serve you high expectations in cutting you electricity cost significantly. But save some dollar is better than losing some. You need to go to some store and buy some batting materials. It is also necessary to buy some decorative material so that it will look good for your window treatment. If you think you don’t have time for this, shop online and you only have to pay at least $4.

The Actual Solar Curtains

If you are really looking for solar curtains that not only save your money but also produce power, then you have to buy the real one. I gotta say they will be very expensive. The actual solar curtains uses high-tech materials that will cover you windows and convert the sunlight received into electricity power and store it to the built-in battery. Some companies already developed this idea but I don’t think it is in my reach. Maybe someday, ladies and gentlemen.

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