Solar Powered String Lights Outdoor Ideas

Solar Powered Led String Lights Outdoor

Solar powered string lights outdoor-For an unexpected touch of light, string lights wrapping the framework of various objects. Choose items that add to the atmosphere: an old wagon wheel for a rustic wedding garden, an antique fan for a small space or a wire-frame words or letters. Wrap individual solar powered string lights outdoor around the frame as the object itself seems to be glowing. Place the illuminated object among a set of plants or flower pots to throw an extra glow on the leaves and flowers, or use it as a key to a serving table.

Instead of hitting the solar powered string lights outdoor around the tree branches, which tend to create a Christmas-like feel, use strings of paper lanterns. You can see the lights in the colors and in the sphere or box shapes. Colored paper lanterns are useful in putting a whimsical mood of a party space or for a luau-themed dinner.

When you want to add light to a dark corner of an outdoor space or creating immediate dividers, use a light curtain. If you do not have a vertical tree branch, roof edge, clothesline or other structure to serve as an upper pole, make one with 2×4-inch pieces of wood nailed in a rectangular frame. Attaching individual strings of light to the top coil by means of a powerful ticker; hang strings about 2 cm apart.

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