Sparkling Decorative Light Bulbs For More Spectacular Interior

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Do you know that light bulbs are not only simply practical? Aside from providing the artificial light you need to illuminate both indoor and outdoor rooms, they can be transformed into an intriguing part to decorate your home. Well, it is especially true as you go for the amazingly designed decorative light bulbs. Today, we will take you to see some interesting decorative lighting ideas featuring the use of wonderfully designed bulbs.

When it comes to decorative light bulbs, you can find nearly limitless options available to explore. Starting from beautiful light bulbs with antique and vintage feel to contemporary look, you have many alternatives to find. This way, it will not be a hard task to get ones that can fit your home design style flawlessly. And do not forget that they can add distinctive features and characteristics to enhance your home interior space with both design and glowing lights.

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There are many reasons why decorative light bulbs are simply magnificent and beautiful to look at. One of them is the choice of materials. For example, you can find decorative incandescent lamp created from hand-blown amber glass with bent tip to produce candle-light appearance. This is surely a lovely choice to create a romantic vibe in the room! Amazing design aside, there are light bulbs that are also designed to be stylishly practical, such as bent-tip LED bulbs perfect for hard to reach fixtures as they can last for longer period of time with less maintenance required.

However, do you know that you don’t always have to spend extra pennies for decorative light bulbs? Even with simple light bulbs you can find from hardware stores, you can still enhance the beautiful look anyway. Try painted light bulbs! They are highly DIY-able—you can even use Sharpie to make each bulb more unique.