Starting Out The Renovations With Kitchen Layouts And Design

Home Interior Design

Every kitchen renovation should be started with the process of creating kitchen layouts and designs. Most homeowners would request the building of an island or even two when their old kitchens do not already possess it before. The island is certainly one of the best way to break and create barrier to the kitchen space.

There are several possible kitchen plans and designs that can be done with the island added to the center of the space. The island would serve as the traffic direction help as well as space to store items, both on the top as well as at the bottom kitchen cabinet.

There are 4 basic kitchen layouts and designs; they are the L shape, U shape, G or peninsula shape and the Galley shape. The Galley would be the most efficient one, but the counter space would be limited. The L shape is one of the most popular one as it may help to increase the counter space and there would also be no foot traffic crosses on the kitchen work triangle. The U shape is an ideal shape but it requires lots of space that many people could not afford these days. The last is G shape which is cozy and providing the most counter space.

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