Steps Of Glazing Kitchen Cabinets

Glazing kitchen cabinets are the only thing that you have to do to make the kitchen cabinets look like new. Maybe the kitchen cabinets at your house have been looked pale and old. Instead of buying the new kitchen cabinet and spending a lot of your money, glazing the kitchen cabinet is much better. It is not expensive because you just need to buy a glazed coat. Beside that you do not need a long time to glaze the kitchen cabinet and it is easy to do. Just see the steps below guys!

First step that you should do before glazing the kitchen cabinet is take out the contents of the kitchen cabinets and in the drawer. You have to clear it out, and keep it away from the kitchen. After that the next step is you have to remove the drawers. You should not have to glaze the drawer, because the important thing is the cabinet. Glazing kitchen cabinets are simple if you know the right steps. Then, before starting to glaze the kitchen cabinets, do not forget to wash it thoroughly. Wait for a second until the cabinet is dry.

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When everything is ready, take a glazed coat and stir it thoroughly. You can stir it by using a paint stick, or maybe you can stir it with a stick. Exactly, it is the time for you to glaze the kitchen cabinet. Just apply the coat slowly step by step, and you can start with a thin coat. To make a better result, follow the grain of wood in the kitchen cabinet. Finally, you have to wait until the glaze is done, and reattach the drawers. Glazing kitchen cabinets will make your kitchen cabinets look like new. It is simple isn’t? If so, you can start to glaze the kitchen cabinet at your house.