Stool Shave The Shower

Shower Stool For Shaving

Shower shaving stool – The shower is particularly appropriate when it comes to the removal of body hair. How do you shave your legs, it thoroughly and accidents in the shower shaving stool, you read in this article. By the summer, it’s that time again: the clothes are shorter and all body hair is a visual nuisance. In the shower you can not only thorough, but also easier to shave your body hair. Of course, you may only use wet shavers.

To remove body hair in the shower

In addition to the wet shaver for women that absolutely must be sharp, of course, you also need shaving cream, but recommended are also gels that are made for shaving in the shower. Regardless of whether you have or not sensitive skin during shaving, you should rely on quality products, especially when shaver to avoid unnecessary stress on your skin.

In the shower you wash first as usual, do not shower too long, and will swell the skin.

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For simplicity and to save water, turn off the shower, but stow previously with a plug some water in the shower basin. The retained water you can clean the shaver repeatedly, to no running water is necessary; further prevent it this way that forms on the floor of the shower a slippery film that you could be fatal with every movement.

Swimming after shaving a lot of hair in the water, you get the most out of your hand and discard it in the cosmetics bin. Only then do you drain the water, so you prevent a gradual blockage in the shower shaving stool drain.