String Curtains For Dramatic Modern Flair

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Curtains are not always made from cloth. Even the one made out of countless strings can serve as curtain too. Well, they might not be able to be used for blocking the sunlight though. Even so, it can create dramatic modern flair that you never imagine. If string curtains are chosen for dividing room, you can just arrange them in one line, but let’s see below.

Fringe String Curtain Columns

Once you browse about the designs of string curtains, you will see string curtain columns quite often. What is this? Actually, it is not meant to cover or even to divide rooms. It seems to be well-suited for decoration. As the name suggests, countless strings are designed in circle, thus making it look like a column. You can even add smaller column inside to give more padded and thicker look.

Furthermore, string curtains presents with many different colors and sizes to live up to your expectations of having various options, thus helping them in realizing dramatic modern room. Moreover, this curtain made of strings is known for its softness as well. That is why it is highly demanded for decoration in various events. You can bet that you will have modern look with it.

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