Styling Chairs Back In Ancient Time

Ascot Styling Chairs

Many chairs we have seen around the places. Chairs are placed everywhere, it can be at home, café, restaurant, etc. But have you ever wondered when you were going to sit in a chair, you are looking at the pattern of the chair in detail? There are many patterns in the styling chairs that often we saw on the chair back. Surely, everything that exists nowadays cannot be separated by history that brought them out.

Styling Chairs Made in 1720

The horizontal pattern for the back of the chair starts in 1650s. This back chair is called pilgrim slat. These back chairs that are made in wood are cut in horizontal rectangle like a ruler. These rectangle woods then are assembled from the left to the right. The rectangle woods are arranged in the same distance from one to each other. The second back chair is called waved slat. Like the name, this slat is made like the wave. The arrangement of the slat is made the same with pilgrim slat. Besides waved slat, fiddleback chair is also made in 1720. The fiddleback is made like the guitar body with vertical slat that unite the middle part to the left and right of the back chair.

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Styling Chair Made in 1754

1754 had made big significant for the patterns of the back chair. The pattern of the back chair is made more complicated that before. Chippendale Ribband is the styling chair that use flower pattern. The flower is arranged in the center of the back chair, while the stem ties the flower to the frame of the back chair. In Chippendale Chinese Style, the flower pattern is made like the pattern of the floor tile. The pattern is made fully to the frame.

These chairs are often used for dining chairs. But, these chairs can also be used to accompany the study time. Nowadays, these ancient patterns can be mixed with today’s design. These chairs cannot only be made in original color of the wood, but can also be applied in other colors. Whatever design that is mixed in the styling chair, it will not lose the ancient pattern itself.

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