Taupe Curtains: The Brownish Grey Colored Ones

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Various furniture or decorations are made in various colors. Sometimes, the color looks absolutely obvious, like white, red, yellow, blue, etc. However, there are also the ones with combination of colors with or without one of them being the major one. Taupe color for example, is a grey with slight brown color. In home design, you will often find taupe curtains. Let’s see how they look.

Taupe Curtain Designs

Even though it is said that taupe curtains is associated with brownish grey color, they does not necessarily to be that plain. Well, there is its design with such plainness though. However, if you ever feel of getting different look from this kind of curtains with taupe color, there are its designs that are simple yet are able to give different touch to a room.

The first design is the one with large stripe a bit below the uppermost part of curtain. Rather than grey, the writer would say that it has reddish brown color that is designed on the light brown base. Regardless of that, it is still a kind of taupe curtains. The second is the one with white cloth and is given heart pattern in brownish grey color. You see, it can be this different than the others with its simplicity.

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