The Architectural Design Journal

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Architectural Design is a particular architectural journal which was first published in 1930. Basically the journal was UK based with the early issues is concerned only n British scene. As the journal gaining more popularity, the contents of the journal is gradually became international based. Today the journal still remains actively produced by John Wiley & Sons publishers located in Chichester, UK. The journal is edited by Helen Castle.

During the earlier period Architectural Design used theme-based idea for each issue. Right after it goes international the theme based idea for the issues are no longer used. The journal focused on delivering architectural styles from any part of the world so that it could inspire people. It has the golden age during the late 70s until 80s. There are frequent articles related to Postmodernism at that time. Famous special editions are edited by Charles Jencks who was the theoretical father of postmodern style architecture. The famous editor of that time was Andreas C. Papadakis.

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The journal still has its huge influence of today’s architectural design. You can access the online version of this Architectural Design Journal today in where you can get up to date with the latest issues.