The Best Fabric For Outdoor Tablecloth

Outdoor Tablecloth Round

Although the tablecloths are, first, a functional means to protect tables from damage, fortunately they are a chance to add color and elegance into your kitchen or outdoor area. The outdoor tablecloth is made of a variety of materials including cotton, polyester, linen and vinyl; the tablecloths for weddings and special events can be made of silk or organza. The purpose of the tablecloth determines what material will suit your requirements, but each material offers benefits and drawbacks of functionality or style.

  1. Cotton

For daily use in a kitchen or in casual dining cotton outdoor tablecloth is an excellent choice. Cotton is simple to produce and process, which keeps prices low in the majority of your choices. Much of the cotton tablecloths can be washed in washing machines, though some tablecloths with multicolored patterns may fade a bit after washing. These tablecloths can also be cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge. In durability, very few fabrics compared to cotton. The cotton tablecloths are available in various colors, patterns and sizes, which contribute to its popularity. Although cotton tablecloths can be placed on the outside, they can deteriorate after a long period of exposure to moisture or weather changes.

  1. Vinyl
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For informal meals or picnics, vinyl outdoor tablecloth offer resistance to changes in climate and are easy to wash. Resist damage from stains, exposure to light, water or air. The vinyl tablecloths are commonly associated with casual dining and outdoor, so it may not be ideal for formal events or weddings. Vinyl tablecloths are available in various colors and patterns to match any color scheme or themes. Vinyl is also one of the cheaper fabrics for tablecloths.

  1. Special fabrics

For formal events like weddings, tablecloths are available in a number of special fabrics like silk and organza. These are the most expensive fabrics for outdoor tablecloth, but offer a more luxurious appearance and a number of formal styles that include embroidery. The special fabrics require a more delicate washing and care, but most of these special cloths are used only at certain times. Note that you can rent these tablecloths to avoid having to purchase a large quantity.

  1. Polyester
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For a semi-formal or an outdoor party room, outdoor tablecloth polyester cotton offer similar advantages plus some benefits. Polyester is a synthetic material used to make fabrics and can be combined with other fabrics such as cotton to create a fusion. Like cotton, polyester is long lasting, washing machine, not too expensive and available in several colors and patterns.