The Famous Sixth Floor Museum

The Sixth Floor Museum

There is one particular museum in the US called as the Sixth Floor Museum. The museum has any information regarding the life, death, times, and also legacy of the John Fitzgerald Kennedy who was the president of the US. The actual spot of the museum itself was considered to be the same spot that Lee Harvey Oswald killed Kennedy according to the official investigations of the government.

The building itself is actually the Dallas County Administration Building below the sixth floor that is used as the museum. Previously the building was used as the Texas School Book Depository. The museum was found in around 1989. It was the Dallas County Historical Foundation that initiated the founding of this John F. Kennedy museum.

Inside the museum there are so many films, artifacts, photographs, and also interpretive displays showing the actual assassination event of the President Kennedy. There are also the reports of the official government investigations regarding the assassination that eventually brought Lee Harvey Oswald as the killer. Until today the museum is actually self-sufficient in terms of its funding that completely relying on the ticket sales and donations of the people. The Sixth Floor Museum is definitely an important museum in the history of US.

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