The Step Reupholstering A Chair By Yourself

How To Recover An Armchair

DIY things are everywhere. We can see that many people try to make them independent by learning something new. Mostly they made handmade thing from reusable items to be something useful or just to be accessories as the sweetener of decoration. But why not trying to go further into furniture? It is surely boring to see the same patterns of the furniture everytime. Moreover, when the furniture is not match with the theme of the room. Well, you still can repair for the little mistake. It can be started from reupholstering a chair you have.

Reupholstering a Chair: Release The Buttons

To change the dress, you need to take off the clothes you wear. This point also works for the chair. You need to release the buttons that fit the seat. Take off the tacks and the staples as the buttons of the seat. Use the regulator and pincers in removing them to make it easier. After that, remove the fabric that covers whole of the chair. Do not forget to what kind of fabric that is used to cover the seat. Also, look to the details that are used to cover it. Write in the lists to make sure that it will not be forgotten.

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Reupholstering a Chair: Dress The Seats

It is better to choose the same kind of fabric that is used in reupholstering a chair. Find the right one for the chair that is match to the theme of the room. Do not forget to make sure the measurement of the fabric, so it will fit to cover. To make sure of the measurement, you can use the old fabric to draw the new template for the new fabric.

Straight seams are used to unite the fabrics. You have to make sure that you have the sewing skill, or if you are not make sure, you better done it with the help of professional to make it strong. After that, you can unite together the stuffs that matter in the seat, arms, and back of the chair. Put back by stapling the fabric to reupholstering a chair. Be careful and have a try!