Tips For Applying Tuscan Home Decor To Your Walls

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Tuscan home decor is recommended for those homeowners who want to experience the old world of Europe with its classic and gently aged atmospheres which are so elegant and full with charms. There are some tips for you who are useful. First is that color selection for walls which determines the result of the decor, for that you can get inspirations by following the colors from some Tuscan potteries, scarf from Italy, paintings or pictures from Italian. It works effectively for choosing the colors.

Second, for wall treatments, Tuscan wall decor is not only with paints. You always can install wallpapers, like Venetian plastered or you can try textured paints for the walls. Try faux finishing, wall coverings, glazes, plaster techniques for giving the walls more textures and accents. Think that you are drawing on a canvas.

Third, Tuscan home decor needs some Tuscan decorative effects finishing for walls. It means that you can try stenciling on the wooden furniture, and then hand paint designs for the desired motifs, frescoes for adding the designs on fresh plaster or try large picture. As a finishing, add moldings, the walls which are stone, stuccoes and also frescoed are always artistic and really Tuscany with its textural and aesthetical walls.

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