Tips To Know Genuine Saarinen Table

Saarinen Table 7

It is easy to notice and then label a unique table with the name Saarinen table with its gorgeous look featured in single column stemming purveyed with the curving base stand with the round table top form which is making this table a masterpiece. Many people who want to create the royal living space decoration will cheer for this table that takes its name from its designer, Eero Saarinen. The exquisite look of the whimsical creation of this table later make many people out there to replicate it and many people have tricked with it. Here are some tips to know whether the Saarinen side table is fake or genuine.

Knowing how to differ Saarinen table replica and genuine

Investigate the materials in use for the Saarinen table you want to buy is the first clear way to differentiate the fake and the genuine ones. There are two parts you need to check: the base pedestal and the top of the table. Both of them are created using different materials. Usually the base made of molded aluminum casted rilsan, and the top part is made by laminated stuff or prestigious stones like marbles and granite.

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Checking the joint of Saarinen table will explain. The real creation of Saarinen desk is screwed down within only one thread to the top. So, if you find any visible screw pop out within the joint of the table, then it is surely a fake one.

The size of Saarinen table is uniform that is why measuring the standard size of the table will give you a hint. The standardized size of the table itself is around 29 inches high, and the vastest point of the table top is reaching around the 76 in by 45 and 97in by 53. If the size is not precisely like that, then it is no doubt that you have been tricked to by the fake one.