Tips To Maintain Your Lovely Patio Pavers

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When you have installed patio pavers, it will be important for you to give maintenance to keep it always in good condition. When it always in good condition, it will give elegance perform as well.

You can maintain your patio pavers by weeding the weed use herbicides to be sprayed then wait for 48 hour untill the weed wither. When you try this method you have to keep away it from your children because it is a poisonous stuff. Besides with poison way you can make the weed wither by using nature way.

Use vinegar and lemon juice to be sprayed to the weed, this way will make the weed wither for a temporary time but it is a good way to do. After weeding the patio pavers, you can maintain it by removing the stains. You can use water and soap for new stains. When there is a paint stain, use paint thinner to remove it and for the rust stain use the chemical cleaning like acid to remove it.

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Those are some tips about how to maintain the patio pavers, it is very important to keep always in good condition so that you can enjoy any moments in beautiful and elegance patio paper.