To Install Outdoor Recessed Lighting Block Wall

Outdoor Recessed Lighting Gallery

Outdoor recessed lighting – If you’re looking for a way to add some aesthetic excitement to an ordinary block wall, consider outdoor recessed lights. Not only will they help illuminate dark paths and outdoor spaces, they also help break up the profile of the wall by giving it a bustling, less monolithic look.

Select a block in the area where you want to install outdoor recessed lighting. Measure the length and the height of the block to find the center of the block face. Make a mark on the block half way between the center and one end of the block. This will allow you to cut through the thinnest part of the block. Not only will this make cutting a hole easier, it will have less influence on the strength of the wall.  Insert a masonry bit in the chuck of a drill hammer and tighten the chuck. Insert the drill bit to “hammer” mode. Place the tip of the masonry bit on the mark on the block face. Drill through the front of the block.

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Remove masonry bit from the drill. Set a concrete hole saw into the drill and tighten the chuck. Turn the drill off the hammer mode. Push the pilot bit into the hole you drilled until the hole saw is flat against the block face.  Cut through the block’s face with the hole saw. Drill slowly until the saw begins to cut into the block face so increase the speed and rock hole saw in a clockwise motion. Dip the hole saw in a bucket of water every 90 seconds to remove dust and cool slightly of outdoor recessed lighting. Continue cutting until the hole saw penetrates the block face.