Trends In Decoration 2017

New Trends In Decorating

Trends in decoration 2015 – While redecorating the home each season is something that not everyone can do, as it involves time and money, it is always important to know the trends that come to us each year or each season to gradually adapt our house with small details and not what happens to us in the houses of our mothers or grandmothers who remained with a decor unchanged until the pieces were broken or left unused for continued use.

In this year 2015, the trend in colors according Pantone, will be the emerald green , reaffirm the style is minimalist , the vintage will start to lose weight but still very marked in the details, the striped stick hard, the textures and textiles enliven walls and eco-friendly decoration is becoming more of a necessity than a whim.

Minimalist Spaces trends in decoration 2015: still promote the clean lines and clarity of decorative concepts. Simplicity is warm because the purity when homogeneous and natural creates an atmosphere that welcomes us with what the family warmth envelops and surrounds us without many items.

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Color and Vintage: set sober tones and colors 2013 trend with notes swaying retro or vintage very selected and chosen touches of bold color. You have to make the decoration of 2013 a fun game in which daring to combine stripes, checks, dots, animal prints and the entire palette. Now succeed the bright colors, but coexist with the soft, environments essential to get released.

Textures and Fabric s: intense colors and ethnic reminiscences. It encourages the use of tissues as a tool that is essential to introduce vitality decor. Carpets, upholstery, and wallpaper cleared spaces added for warmth without stiffness.

Ecofriendly : natural elements such as untreated wood or finished with oils, linen and cotton fabrics are just a few examples. In furniture trends in decoration 2015, reused the old and valued antiques as recovery philosophy. The idea is to try to recover as much as possible, for example, the stone or the rafters of an old house can be restored and re-enforce its structural function while collaborating on the decorative.

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