Decorating Ideas For Tumblr Bedroom With Lower Beds

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Tumblr Bedroom – Truth that has a special charm almost sleeping on the floor? Besides aesthetic in decorating small tumblr bedroom or low ceilings this is the best aesthetic choice: Low beds have the power to expand the visual space of the room, making it appear larger and roomier. They also have some “Zen touch” that brings serenity and tranquility to an area where relaxation is paramount…

In general, all lower cabinets have that quality: high back sofa always seems to appear more “mascot” one low-backed, short a shelf height minus half the space of a couple of feet … Say furniture that are almost on the ground or fall far below the eye line help expand “virtually” the meters available in small tumblr bedroom spaces .

As for the tumblr bedroom, but even shorter option (and cost) is to place the mattress on the floor (usually spaces suitable for minimalist , industrial or Bohemians), the fact is that it is not necessary to go to such extremes to have a low bed : it is usual to have a slatted base low rise structure as a pallet of cardboard or wood, a Japanese-style Tanami or upholstered base on which the mattress or even a large system is well with small insert legs or with a central base that supports the structure, provided the combination does not exceed 20 cm, and that should go over the mattress …

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Obviously if we try to achieve a low bed and unless the structure is “latching” must accompany the mattress, being that it is usual also fine. Nothing mattresses 30cm add height to bed … Of course if you have a small apartment, just need a couch to keep things (“the fourth cabinet” …) In that case, the ideal is to have a mattress “mini” ( they are of no more than 12 cm) and thus achieve an effect of low bed but with storage.

That is, in the tumblr bedroom decor , it is important for this effect is that the set ( base + mattress ) does not exceed 35cm approx in total, so playing with them can give more height to the former and less the latter or vice versa.

As headboard , it is common that these types of beds go naked without headboard, to maximize this effect, but if you go for one more try playing with the horizontal line with the vertical.

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