What Is Cork Flooring?

Installing Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is one unique type of flooring options that could be chosen by people. It is considered to be a unique option due to the fact that it offers a unique sensation of walking on air at the time you walk on its surface. Yet the common basic use of cork itself is actually a tool to preserve the quality of wine that is stored in bottles. It is also widely used as office post boards or reminder boards.

Due to the unique feeling it gave when walk on it, the cork board flooring option has been used in a quite long period of time especially in the US. The fact that it could also absorbs noise and footsteps enhance its popularity and use among many people. Back then it was popularly used in churches and libraries.

Following the rise of its popularity, today you can find it almost everywhere. The main thing that affects people’s decision to incorporate this flooring option is the need of environmentally friendly materials of anything. According to a survey conducted by an institute of architectural matters back in 2008 there has been an increase of the interest in using cork flooring up to 60%.

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