What Is Radiant Floor Heating?

Radiant Floor Heating Ontario

The so called radiant floor heating is a particular heating system that was designed to heat up the surface of the floor. The device is placed under the floor so that it could possibly give the best heating to the entire flooring. It is considered to be more effective than the commonly used forced-air heating systems. This device is said to be invented by ancient Romans.

There are two different types of the systems regarding the radiant heating system. Those two types are the electric version and also the hydronic version. The electric version distributes the heat out of the device through the electric wires under the floor. Meanwhile the hydronic version provides the heating for the floor using hot water tubes. Surely the tubes are also placed under the floor.

The two different types of the systems will surely affect the cost to pay and also the installation processes required. The electric version is the one that is easier and cheaper to install but more expensive to operate. Meanwhile the hydronic version is a bit more difficult to install but it will be less expensive in its running operation. Thus if the area to be heated is just a small one consider using the electric version of the radiant floor heating.

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