What Wall Color Combined With Hickory Wood?

Hickory Wood Bats

The typical hickory wood tone is warm and has shades of brown and light touches of red, so to choose the right colors to blend with it; you need to stay within the threshold of warm colors. From this point, you may choose contrasting colors and/or complementary to coordinate with the tone of your wood pieces.


The ivory is a color that will contrast with the hickory wood without being as obvious as the target. If you have a small room, the ivory is ideal, as it will give a touch of color to the walls without reducing the space. The variations of this color work well both off and on furniture hickory wood floors. Because it is clear and light, the wood will draw attention and become the focal point of the room.


To add more color to the walls, choose a beige or tan, which also work well with hickory wood. The light brown is considered complementary to the hue of the hickory wood, since they highlight the richness of the wood tones. However, paint the walls of these colors in a room with hickory wood floors, could overload the environment, since the tones are very similar. To avoid this, choose an accent wall and paint ivory to open space and avoid clipping tonal palette of the room.

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Gold and Yellow

The gold is a very warm color that generates enough contrast with hickory wood as to stand out from the wall. The yellows also work, but keep in mind that they should be very rich and warm. It is best that you avoid the pastels that have a blue background, as these are in the range of cool colors . The yellow gold color and warmth will help to give print space and a touch of elegance when combined with hickory wood ideas, especially if placed combined with ivory fabric curtains.