Wonderful Outdoor Low Voltage Lighting

Pool Outdoor Low Voltage Lighting

Outdoor low voltage lighting – Outdoor lighting provides a wonderful landscaping accents and security to otherwise poorly lit sidewalks. Low voltage lighting is an inexpensive and easy to install solution to your outdoor lighting needs. You can buy low voltage lighting in sets or individual components.

How to connect outdoor low voltage lighting? First, find a place near an outdoor Circuit Interrupter (CFGI) outlet to mount your transformer. Pick up lights. This usually consists of snap connector into place in bottom of lamp glass. Place candles in general vicinity of where you want them and lay wire from light to light, starting with faintest light out and do your back to where transformer will be mounted. Dig a 6-inch deep trench along cable. You will run cable into this ditch and bury it once you have completed installation.

Connect outdoor low voltage lighting to cable by attaching plug along cable. Strip cable ends and wire it up to transformer by turning bare copper ends to terminal leads of transformer. Mount transformer. Transformers typically have a mounting sling or mounting holes. Using a wood screw that secures transformer to siding near AC outlet. For brick or masonry siding, use a masonry bit and pre-drill holes in masonry, set an anchor in hole and fasten transformer with an anchor screw.  Place transformer in and check each light to ensure that it works. If lights are noticeably dim towards end of cable run, your transformer is undersized and must be replaced with a more powerful one.

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