Your Ultimate Guide To Choosing Ceiling Light Fixtures

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The ceiling light fixtures refer to lighting that includes pendant lights, chandeliers, semi flush and flush mount lights suspended from the ceiling. Typically, whether it is ceiling light fixtures kitchen or for living room, they provide ambient and task lighting in such a stylish way. That is the reason why you can explore many design styles, ranging from ceiling light fixtures modern to traditional.

How ceiling light fixtures can provide not only general lighting to a room, but also to help establishing the right mood and look of the space, they turn to become an important design element. When you are on the market for ceiling lighting fixtures, consider these questions to guide you: (1) What room will the fixtures be in?; (2) How much light is necessary and needed?; (3) Are you going to use the fixture mainly for functional or design purposes?; and (4) How will the fixture fit into the space as a whole? Those questions will help you finding the right choice between chandeliers, pendants, and flush mount and semi-flush mount ceiling lamps.

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Chandeliers, as one of ceiling light fixtures, are excellent for general lighting with elegant finish to complement the space. You don’t even have to go for the large and dramatic ones as there are mini and mid-sized chandelier options to suit your purposes. However, if you need general lighting that can provide task one too, pendant lights are what you need. They are even great to provide the decorative and mood lighting too!

Last but not least are the flush mount and semi-flush mount ceiling light fixtures. The differences between them can be resumed here: For a room with low ceilings or ones which are below 8 feet, your best bet will be flush mount lights. On the other hand, a room with higher ceilings will find the use of semi-flush mount lamps as great option.